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Easy Day Hemp | A Mission of Healing | Building Community

by Jason Higgins |


What is a Fighter? is it a personality? A Lifestyle? -What do you do when the fight ends?. 

The Veteran Community unlike any other faces specific challenges both during and after service. From having to adopt coping mechanisms to deal with a lifetime of constant stress both on the body and mind, to exiting service and more often than not losing your community. Loss of Brotherhood. 

PTSD is its own animal but is expounded by these losses. The loss of direction, loss of community, many an ex-warrior will turn inside themselves, unable or refusing to reintegrate into normal society. The Human-animal requires a Community, it is a basic human need. As much as we like to play ourselves off as the lone wolf, not needing anyone this is simply, biologically impossible. 

Easy Day Hemp is about more than just Hemp. This #TEAM is about re-connecting that man or woman back to the community. To guide those in need, both civilian or veteran back to optimal mental & Physical health. Spreading knowledge about the many modalities & disciplines available to anyone to help combat both mental illness and the isolation that often comes with it.. 

Many of these modalities can be a life-changing addition to one's daily routine. Here is the kicker they ALL require a measure of mental discipline and consistency enforced on a daily basis. Some results can be noticed immediately, some in weeks and some in months. The change will happen if you commit to the process and to the natural methods that will be posted in the coming blogs. CBD like the rest of the tools we will give you are meant to be incorporated into your lifestyle and become part of it. The change you want will, in turn, require you to change. Let go of the person focusing on the pain, the anxiety, the isolation. 

Act Now, Write down where you're Fking up. For many, it is obvious what they would like to change. Make your list and then Crush it. Start small, work yourself and your brain back to an optimal state day by day.  Lost your community? The past is gone friend you will never be there again. Look forward, make a plan, and push forward.  Find your new purpose, your new community and bring the same passion to this new life. Time is on your side. Make it matter.  

Stay tuned much more coming soon, We will be building a massive knowledge section. Will and I  are honored to have you here with us as we build this community and a Brotherhood of help and true healing. 


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