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 Easy Day Hemp

 Easy Day is More than a "Brand". Easy Day Hemp is a Movement meant to inspire Humanity to take back their bodies and minds. Led by a TEAM of Ex-Navy SEALs we have brought the same unyielding standards to the Industrial Hemp Industry that made us successful in our previous profession.

We Stand for Honesty, Integrity and the Customer above all else. We have personally experienced the power of this plant and the positive benefits it has had on our own journey to achieve a healthier, happier life.



A former US Navy SEAL and Private security  Contractor, Jason Higgins is one of the Founders of Easy Day Hemp.

Jason, a Maine native, left home and enlisted in the United States Navy at the age of 17 and joined the military to become a Navy SEAL. Upon completion of his training in 2002, he was then stationed at SEAL TEAM 4. He was deployed to Central, South America, and multiple conflict zones while fighting in OIF (Iraq).  After leaving the US Navy and Navy Special Warfare Community, Jason continued to serve his country as a CIA Contractor involved in US intelligence clandestine operations.

During his 14 years of combat experience as both a Navy SEAL and Contractor, Jason made over 15 deployments to combat zones.  

He then left the Special Operations Community to pursue a life outside of direct combat roles and begin his personal recovery. He spent the next three years traveling and scouring the globe for natural medicines and practices such as Ashtanga Yoga, Wim Hof breathing, cold exposure and others supplements and treatments that could help him conquer the issues he was having after returning home. He has been lucky enough to have met and worked with practitioners at the forefront of plant-based medicines. 

He has since focused his energies on educating and exposing himself to the latest technologies available to veterans for PTSD and anxiety related issues, dedicating himself daily to further his personal recovery and teaching his fellow veterans about both the treatments available to them and the benefits they are entitled.
He has been an avid user of cannabinoids and has combined in cooperation with Will some of their favorite botanicals and supplements to aid in helping others achieve a more balanced life.




Navy SEAL CBDA former US Navy SEAL and Combat Assault Dog Handler, Will Chesney is a co-founder of Easy Day Hemp.

Texas Native Will Chesney chose to serve his country in 2002 when he joined the United States Navy. After completing BUD/S Class 246, Chesney was stationed in Virginia Beach and nobly served as a SEAL in multiple deployments around the globe. For most of his career, Chesney was a member of the elite United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), serving as both an operator and a handler of military working dogs. He and his dog, a Belgian Malinois, took part in hundreds of missions together. A grenade explosion ultimately led to Chesney’s retirement in 2015 after 13 years of dedicated service, during which he received various medals and commendations, including a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. Eager to give back, Chesney has now directed his attention to helping veterans, like himself, who have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Leading up to his medical retirement Chesney was facing numerous physical injuries and psychological symptoms that affected every part of his well-being and life. On a daily basis Chesney experienced chronic pains and migraines, severe anxiety and depression, memory loss and difficulty focusing, high blood pressure, and numbness and tension in his body. He tried everything from addictive substances and escapism, to military and veteran services, prescription medications, therapy, and things like the ganglion block, and holistic treatments and technologies such as: acupuncture, floating, Alpha Stem and Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). While these things offered some temporary relief, Chesney’s pain and symptoms continued to inhibit his quality of life and ability to function normally in society, which made it challenging to stay consistent with the positive healing modalities he did like.






Will Chesney had always been aware of the healing benefits of cannabis but had to wait until retirement to explore this option. Cannabis indeed became another tool and remedy; however THC had its own disadvantages. Upon discovering Hemp, Chesney’s life forever changed. Hemp Extract had all the benefits of other cannabinoids plus additional healing benefits, but did not have the side effects of THC.

 High quality Hemp Extracts helped Will Chesney to calm his anxiety, relieve anger, and improve his mood. It helped him become more present, mindful, and self-aware. These benefits then improved his focus, concentration, motivation, and function, which improved all around self-care, nutrition and sleep, social interactiveness, and quality of life. Through these mental and lifestyle changes Will was able to get off all his medications and other substances, and get his health and life on track. Today Will is living his passion helping other veterans and educating people about the healing benefits of of this plant. Knowing what Will knows now about Hemp Extracts, he would have given it to his working dog to improve and extend his quality of life post military. He too had PTSD, and after just one year of his retirement was diagnosed with stomach cancer. His Dog suffered tremendously; he was always throwing up, had difficulty eating, was in lots of pain and always looked miserable. Understanding now the anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory, and pain-reducing effects, Will is passionate about spreading the word about Hemp for dogs as well. Will talks about how a daily dose of the Extracts with fish oil can help your dog maintain his health and happiness for longer.