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Achieve Faster Muscle Recovery With CBD

Ever get up and think, “where in the world did all these aches and pains come from”? You may not have to do that anymore, thanks to CBD. Whether you’ve been feeling the effects of a new workout routine, getting a little too extreme with yourself and others in sports, or just realizing you’re another year older, here’s help.


No matter how fit you are, sometimes a workout, a strenuous hike, a mountain bike adventure or other physical exertion can leave you sore for days. Why? Because activities like these cause microscopic damage to muscle fibers. The fibers become inflamed, which triggers the body to respond and repair. That’s how muscles stay strong and grow. It’s also how they get sore and stiff.

Stronger Together: Pushing Past Limits with Pullups and Recovering with CBD in Tulum
Stronger Together: Pushing Past Limits with Pullups and Recovering with CBD in Tulum


A 2018 review of 132 original studies found that CBD can help with muscle recovery in lots of ways.

  • Cutting down on inflammation

  • Protecting cells from the effects of oxidation

  • Preventing or reducing nausea

  • Helping to protect the nervous system’s cells, structure and function

What this means in less-scientific terms is:

  • Your muscles recover faster

  • Muscles may get a lot stronger

  • Your joints feel less stiff

  • Overall fewer “morning after” effects

And a couple more ways CBD can affect muscle recovery:

  • Because CBD also helps with sleep, you may rest better at night, which allows the body to produce melatonin — a human growth hormone that helps muscle recovery

  • CBD supports the body’s endocannabinoid system. So in addition to reducing inflammation, CBD can ensure metabolism, energy, concentration, coordination and other key functions are balanced and fully supported


Most of us think of muscle recovery solely as a post-workout issue. After all, why treat the after-effects of something that hasn’t happened yet?

Turns out, some people find that taking CBD before exercise, extreme exertion or something in between has benefits too, such as:

  • better performance

  • improved concentration

  • a base for your post-workout dose

A man performing power cleans at the gym, lifting a barbell loaded with heavy weights off the ground in a powerful motion, with focused determination on his face.
Recharge and Recover: Powering Up with CBD After Pushing Limits with Explosive Power Cleans


As you would with any supplement or medication, discuss CBD for muscle recovery with your doctor. And keep in mind, everyone’s workouts, metabolisms, diets, weights and ages are different…so there is no one-size-fits-all dosage of CBD. There may be some trial and error in your future, and some great “day-after” relief.

I like to pride myself on constantly pushing my mental and physical limits – and, if I’m honest, sometimes far beyond. It’s part of how I served for a decade and a half in some of the world's most elite combat and intelligence communities. But I’m all in favor of not feeling the after effects of physical exertion any more than I have to.

I wish you great muscle recovery and even greater workouts. If you are interested in exploring how CBD might help you with muscle recovery, Easy Day Hemp offers a wide selection of CBD oils to choose from. Check them out now.

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