Cbd for calm and veterans

Battling Anxiety with Natural Alternatives Like CBD

Anxiety the Root Cause

What is anxiety? An emotion deeply ingrained in our instinct to survive, one many would prefer to live without, or to dismiss entirely.

It can hinder your life and, for some, be utterly debilitating while simultaneously wreaking havoc on personal & professional relationships. Its sufferers will often end up isolating from their peers, family or friends, and slowly losing all sense of community. We are after all a tribal species, to pull away from society only invites further mental illness into our lives.

In this modern world, prescription medications have emerged as the quick-fix solution. They are offer a measure of relief to those seeking to silence the storm enough to maintain some semblance of normalcy. It is now commonplace for the majority of doctors in western culture to just send patients home with a host of different medications. Some of these are needed, while others could be replaced permanently through lifestyle changes and natural options not widely known. Hemp is one option void of the undesirable side effects found with many prescription medications.

The Stigma of CBD

There is a multitude of powerful natural medicines available today. As a society we must examine our governments inability to offer these options to its citizens. In many cases, making them illegal for use at all. I suspect in attempts to push the populace towards approved medications for monetary benefit of the few. Who is anyone to tell another person they may not use a plant grown from the earth we all live on? Are we under your dominion? Are you my overlord? Are we even a free nation? The wool has been forced over our eyes for far too long.

Why CBD?

CBD is taking the world by storm for good reason. Hemp and the many beneficial Cannabinoids it carries has been around since the very first humans. It is helping many find natural ways to address anxiety, depression, and more. Below is an excerpt from a study I highly suggest reading it. It discusses how CBD, like that found in Easy Day Hemp, has helped numerous others with sleep and anxiety.

"The final sample consisted of 72 adults presenting with primary concerns of anxiety (n = 47) or poor sleep (n = 25). Anxiety scores decreased within the first month in 57 patients (79.2%) and remained decreased during the study duration. Sleep scores improved within the first month in 48 patients (66.7%) but fluctuated over time. In this chart review, CBD was well tolerated in all but three patients."

Recognize the Problem

"Natural Wellness works but will absolutely require a Commitment to self" Jason CEO EDH

I remember for years waking up and feeling raw, shaky, immediately reaching for the pill bottles in efforts to settle my nerves enough to start the day. A routine familiar to many, living in an altered reality. The purpose behind starting Easy Day, for sharing my past, is to help others. It is my hope they find the same relief I have by exploring natural wellness options & disciplines. I know how detrimental bad routines, thought processes, and unneeded medications can be to one's life. A genuinely destructive force on your decision-making abilities.

Having lived in this rabbit hole for years, I know how easily one can get stuck there, how hard it is to change, and walk the path. For those currently taking medications getting off may not be an option; natural methods can and should still be incorporated to enhance your life. For those who can, I highly recommend consulting a licensed physician as getting off wrong or titrating too fast can cause further brain damage. Remember, the goal here is optimal health, it will take time & patience. It may be possible to eliminate many medications with a combination of these emerging natural treatments, CBD, & daily discipline.

"I was just buying time until the problems forced themselves to the surface. The choice was no longer mine."

Hemp prepared for CO2 extraction.

Why are we anxious?

Anxiety shows itself for a reason. The real solution is to change our relationship with the emotion entirely, to let it pass over us. We must recognize why we are feeling it in the first place and address the root causes. Why are you anxious?

Anxiety can be a warning sign, letting us know that something is fucked up or out of place. Possibly a physical health issue, mental issue, or un-addressed relationship issues. Here is an idea, instead of drowning yourself in prescription anxiety medications, why not attempt natural alternatives, and change your life. Find the things causing the anxiety and replace it, cut it the fuck out fo your life

Inhibiting Daily Function

Anxiety will eek itself into every facet of your life if you let it. For many, it will keep them from being socially engaged, thus preventing any interaction with others. If this is you, I urge you to start incorporating the things we are talking about here at Easy Day. Natural supplementation, breath work, cold exposure, and cutting the evil thoughts and people from your life will all help anxiety.

Anxiety like Hemp is part of human history. We are only now rediscovering plants that before held no legal restrictions. George Washington was a cultivator of Hemp in the new colonies.

Avoiding Social Interaction

Do you find yourself in this category? If so, it is time to fight back and actively start crushing the anxiety enough to regain your life. You must strengthen your mind as well as its response to the stressors of public interaction:

Ask yourself these questions, remove all ego and judgment of yourself or others. Ego is the root of a lot of our anxieties

Why do I avoid others?

Who am I?

Who do I want to be?

How can I get there?

Random questions? I know the point here is to engage your mind, pushing it into a positive flow state. First, identify the issues and then extract them from your life while focusing on the future. You must make yourself uncomfortable regularly to inflict any real change. By continually exposing yourself to the situations causing anxiety, you will become more at ease with them. It is much the same in the SEAL Teams when acquiring new skills. Hemp and Easy Day products can assist with controlling the pangs of anxiety you may feel at the beginning, while helping get you further down the road and lessening or eliminating some anxiety from your life.  

Many Returning Veterans face Anxiety, Depression, TBI, and loss of community

Common in Veterans

Anxiety issues run rampant in the veteran community. I suspect it has a lot to do with the problems typical for many exiting military services. When one leaves, they often lose more than just their job. They lose the community they've had their entire adult life. Now alone, they must find a new purpose and community.

We have all heard the astounding numbers of veterans returning home and taking their lives. What is the difference between these wars and wars of America's past? Why are so many young people returning home and opting out of life? I have a theory:

Prescription Medications: Our bodies are sensitive chemical factories. Like no other time in history, we are exposed to multiple medications for everything from anxiety to depression, etc. I believe this, combined with a culture of self-medicating with drinking, has left many in precarious conditions after years of this abuse, hardly resembling their true selves.

Brain Injuries: Misdiagnosed or Mistreated TBI's. How many are not being properly treated or diagnosed? I have been lucky enough to have met those at the forefront of these treatments. I have seen with my own eyes the good they are doing. It is more than disappointing that many of these treatment options are not more widely available. Why? Why is the VA not jumping all over these treatments, or offering them to veterans now?

I suspect the system has become too big, too slow, and all interest in offering emerging treatments to veterans lost. The current system is not working for us. It is time for a change and for those in power need to wake the fuck up and listen.

Alcohol abuse: Stemming from a military culture of warriors bonding over beverages much like warriors of the past, it is now commonplace to abuse alcohol. A way to self-medicating to relieve stress & anxieties and frequently causing more problems in the long run when not handled properly.

Broken Souls: Our warriors are not processing the emotions leftover from wartime experiences. Our warriors have few opportunities to properly process actions taken or friends lost. Trained for years to block out any intruding memories while not showing emotion for fear of judgment, some ignoring they exist entirely. True warriors are a well of emotions.

It is our connection to powerful emotion that allows us to push so hard for so long often to our own physical and mental detriment. We, as a warrior culture, must start processing emotions appropriately, or they will transform our entire world into shit.

Natural Options

When it comes to minimizing anxiety, there has been much progress. Here are some of the things I use daily to keep this emotion at bay and live fully:

Hemp Extracts or CBD dosed correctly and consistently can help minimize one's anxiety in day to day life. It can assist with the quality of sleep.
Meditation Quieting the mind and allowing your thoughts to flow freely. Daily thought alignment at the start of your day can go along way towards helping curb anxiety.

Cold Exposure & Breathing

Cold Exposure: A daily shock to body & mind will strengthen your mental processes, those needed to control feelings of anxiety and help maintain homeostasis.

Breathing Exercises: Proper breathing exercises will change your brain's chemistry. They will allow anxiety to subside and elevated mental processes to continue. The leading expert on these methods is "the ice-man" WIM HOF a Dutch National Check out WIM HOF here.

Easy Day Hemp offers a 20% discount to all those who serve to include first responders.

Gain Perspective

Everyone on earth experiences stress, recognize you are not the only one. Taking the above steps, you will start actively changing your relationship with anxiety. Invest the time, discipline your mind & grab this fucker by the reigns. Incorporate Easy Day Hemp along with these disciplines and THE CHANGE WILL COME.

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