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    Wholesale CBD

    We are honored to partner with others spreading the power of natural health.

    The Veteran Brand for your business.


    Every CBD retailer wants to engage their customer Base. Easy Day speaks to the Veteran & First Responders in your community. Coming from a background in the SEAL TEAMs and a lifetime of serving our country at the highest levels we know the value of quality. Easy Day is your premium American brand.

    — Veteran Navy SEAL Owned & Operated

    Our Standard

    Transparency is more than a tag line at Easy Day is inflicted via strictest standard, 3rd party tests are conducted on every single product batch, QR codes visible on every product making it easy for you and your customer to view labs on their smartphones.

    — The Quality of our CBD is guranteed.


    We require some basic information about you and your company so we can help you as efficiently as possible on the first call. If you would prefer to skip this online form, just call us directly at 1-833-EZD-HEMP to connect with a member of team Easy Day


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    "Change is all that matters. The current system is completely broken. 22 veterans a day commit suicide, countless others are taking their lives every single day. Our society is failing and we seek to change that.

    Join Us on this mission or don't the choice is yours."

    — Jason Higgins

    CEO Easy Day Hemp

    Change will take many.


    Team Easy Day is committed to the re-education of our society, the removal of the stigma surrounding plants and building a core community. A tribe of like minded people. Join us and change the world.