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CBD for Pain Management

Are you experiencing joint, muscle, or any other type of pain on a regular basis? If you are looking for a natural, more holistic approach to reducing pain and improving your quality of life, you should consider CBD oils and salves for pain management. Continue reading to learn more about how Easy Day Hemp’s CBD products are helping people across the world feel better without putting harmful chemicals into their bodies.

CBD for Joint Pain

CBD has naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties. Most joint issues are a result of inflammation or swelling of the fluid that allows our joints to work properly. While pharmaceuticals like ibuprofen or Tylenol have anti-inflammatory agents that relieve pain, habitually using these over-the-counter painkillers can and will wreak havoc on vital organs like the stomach, liver and kidneys. Prolonged use of generic OTC products like these will eventually lead to more pain revolving around the damage caused to other parts of the body.

Since CBD is naturally occurring and is extracted using oil and materials known to be safe for humans, prolonged use is completely safe. Some studies have even found that using CBD for joint pain can assist in helping the joints heal and have less pain overall even when not using CBD! 

CBD for Muscle Pain 

Do you experience muscle pain? There are many types of muscle pain that can leave you uncomfortable and in pain throughout the day. CBD has been used to help treat numerous types of muscle pain. See the kinds of muscle pains that Easy Day Hemp CBD products help to relieve:

  • Muscle Cramps
  • Soreness and Stiffness 
  • Muscle Tears
  • Pulled or strained Muscles

Muscle pain can be a result of sleeping awkwardly, overexertion while working out, or prolonged mis-use or injury. Consider using 3rd Party lab-tested CBD from Easy Day Hemp to relieve muscle pain. 

CBD for Menstruation Relief 

Menstruation can affect women differently and some experience pain that can derail their day. CBD oils and gels have been found to provide relief to some women that experience menstruation pain. 

CBD for Headaches

Headaches can occur for a variety of reasons which is why traditional remedies like Tylenol, ibuprofen, or Advil can sometimes offer little relief. Additionally, as mentioned above, these OTC products are not good for your internal organs like your stomach, liver, and kidneys. This is especially true with prolonged use. Regardless of if your headache is caused from stress, light sensitivity, lack of sleep or poor posture, CBD can provide natural relief.

Easy Day Hemp: Leading Provider of Pain Management CBD Products 

If you are looking for a more natural way to ease pain, CBD from Easy Day Hemp can help! We carry CBD oils that can be ingested with your favorite foods/ drinks. Alternatively, we sell soft gels capsules that can be taken like any normal pill. If you are experience muscle pain, we also sell roll on, CBD topical cream. We stand by the high-quality of all of our products and remember, veterans get a 30% discount on all purchase!

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