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    Easy Day assisting Veterans with PTSD, Anxiety, Pain and more..

    One of our primary missions here at Easy Day Hemp is helping our fellow veterans, first responders and all those that serve. Anyone who has or still puts themselves on the line for others is eligible for savings.

    Easy Day Hemp offers strength in community, knowledge, and hemp derived products that have passed through our unflinching standards.


    Veteran Testimonials

    Easy Day Veteran

    John H

    "Excellent Quality Product. Highly recommend Easy Day Hemp Products for anyone who needs chronic pain relief. Fire Up and GET SOME!"

    Veteran Easy Day

    Chuck N.

    "Being a veteran I have been put through the medication ringer with VA, nothing seemed to help it only would temporarily mask the problem. Fast forward to the end of 2019 when I found Easy Day Hemp. Working in the healthcare field as a medic I was a little nervous to try anything Hemp related due to failing any type of urinalysis test and possibly losing my job. I let my employer and primary care physician know what I was doing, they both gave me their blessing. Since using Easy Day Hemp my family, friends, inner circle and co-workers have made statements that I'm calmer, relaxed and more enjoyable to be around. I've been getting a consistent 8 hours of quality sleep a night and I've noticed the changes in my personality as well as my mental health. I can't thank Jason and Easy Day Hemp enough for improving my quality of life."

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