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CBD & Meditation. Two Allies in Reducing Stress

Right now, just about everybody has more stress than ever. Lots of people are looking into meditation as a way to cope – either as a stand-alone solution or one of many stress-reducing options. Meditation sounds so easy. But it often requires practice to become good at it, like a muscle strengthening over time.

The act of letting thoughts flow freely while practicing letting go is one more of us should spend time perfecting. CBD can help you achieve a meditative state more easily, helping to silence the storm and enhance the benefits that come with consistent practice.

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Why Meditation?

Meditation is a tool that can help us relax and calm the mind. There’s a feeling of being able to “get out of your head” for a while, similar to what some people get from running, practicing yoga, cooking and other activities.

The mind likes to be in charge. Using thoughts to drag us back to what’s already happened, obsessing over past events that cannot be changed or pushing us toward into an imagined future that may or may not ever happen. Meditation helps us realize this and instead focus on the here and now.

Learning to sit with fear is one of the most powerful practices you can incorporate. By letting it wash over us we are removing its control over us and teaching our minds and bodies that this is only a passing event. OWN IT.

Calming the mind leads to calming the body. In just 10 minutes a day, this practice WILL reduce anxiety and stress, helping the body’s systems repair the physical damage they cause. Meditation is also reported to improve heart health.

Experienced meditators report more positive outlooks, more adaptability and more resilience in dealing with daily life as well as big challenges.  WHY? Because they are prepared for the day, have aligned their thoughts and taken the time for themselves at the start of the day.

Clearing up Misconceptions

There’s a lot of confusion about what meditation is and isn’t. Here’s what I mean.


  • close up of man in deep meditationYou have to sit and stare at your navel
  • You have to be able to do lotus pose (Padmasana, in Sanskrit) and hold it for hours
  • It works better if you live in a cave
  • It’s for yogis only
  • It only helps if you can completely turn off your thoughts
  • If you don’t get it on the first try, you should just stop


  • Make yourself comfortable – you can sit on the floor any way you like, in a chair, even lie down
  • Do what’s helpful for your focus – close your eyes or softly look forward and down at a fixed point
  • It’s easier to do in a very quiet place, but not always possible. Try earbuds, headphones or plain old earplugs if needed
  • No candles, mantra or chanting required
  • Accept that your thoughts will keep coming up
  • Realize that “regular people” do this all the time
  • The more you do it, the easier it gets
  • Understand that it can completely turn off “fight or flight” and turn on the opposite system, “rest and digest”
  • Find what works for you – there are tons of apps available to help, like Calm and Headspace
  • Consider CBD oil to enhance your ability to get calm and meditate

Different Techniques For Different People

The are three main styles of meditation and any of them can be enhanced by using CBD oil.

  • Mindfulness meditation is all about watching your breath as you let thoughts come and go. No reacting to the thoughts or letting them take you out of the moment. When that starts to happen, just refocus on the breath.
  • Transcendental meditation uses a word, a phrase or a sound to occupy the mind. (Yes, this is called a mantra. Not as out there as you thought, right?) Repeat it silently or aloud during your practice. Use the same mantra consistently as you practice.
  • Guided meditation is another way to focus the mind, using visualization of calming scenes in nature or stories. You may have run into this during a yoga class, with the teacher asking you to picture a deserted beach, see and hear the waves, feel the sun on your face, etc.
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How CBD Can Help Meditation

Getting still in the body and mind is hard. And everything about our culture tells us to do just the opposite: see, do, achieve, acquire, opine, react, over-react and more.

CBD can help address all kinds of hurdles to meditating.

  • easing aches and pains that may make sitting still a challenge
  • improving sleep so we don’t approach meditation already exhausted
  • reducing stress that makes focusing difficult
  • improving mood to promote a more productive attitude

What to Expect with CBD

While CBD helps with meditation, you will still have to find the right dose, take it daily, do your meditation and wait for the benefits of both to start appearing.

  • CBD’s effects take a few weeks to build up in your system
  • You could see results in a few days or weeks, or it could take few months to reap the full benefits
  • Time the daily dose so it can get into your system before you meditate. CBD oil placed under the tongue works more quickly than gels

Take the Next Step (Or Seat)

Truth be told, I used to have trouble with meditating, judging myself as if this was something to be graded on. Then I let go and accepted as a constant practice. Now I feel its benefits to my stress level – and my life – every day. If a veteran US Navy SEAL like me can get into meditating, I think you can, too. Make yourself a priority.

Find a quiet place, get in a comfortable position where the body can soften and relax, and get started. Even if the mind races at first, or you can only do it for one minute, it’s worth it. You’ll get better at it over time. If you’d like to add CBD to make it easier to get started, or to enhance the practice you already have, check out our options.

And now when you subscribe to Easy Day we’ll text you a 20% discount off our products; so you can start experiencing the benefits of CBD for yourself and have your own Easy Day.

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