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Don't Let Allergies Spoil The Season – Find Relief With CBD

There you are, starting out on a hike with friends. It’s a gorgeous day. Scenery is amazing. Then the sneezing starts. Followed by coughing, a runny nose and watery, itchy eyes. All you want to do is go home and lie down. But CBD can help you keep going and enjoy yourself – without letting allergy symptoms dictate your activities or keep you indoors.


Millions of Americans (like our hiker) have seasonal allergies that are set off by allergens found outdoors:

  • pollen
  • trees
  • mold
  • smoke from campfires, burning leaves and other sources

You could stay inside during your allergy season to reduce or avoid your symptoms. Who could blame you for not wanting to experience frequent:

  • sneezing
  • coughing
  • itchy, watery eyes
  • runny nose and nasal congestion
  • fatigue
  • headaches

But nobody wants to stay inside all spring, fall, or any other time. And you may not have to.

man sneezing from seasonal allergies


The body’s immune system protects us against health threats, partly by reacting to things like harmful viruses. But in some people, the immune system perceives seasonal allergy triggers as threats — even though they are not. The immune system overreaction leads to inflammation in the body and the release of chemicals like histamine, creating your symptoms.


Many people rely on antihistamines to manage their allergies. While there are newer, non-drowsy forms available, some people still feel drowsy, fatigued or even nauseated when taking them.

Also, antihistamines do not seem to do much for nasal congestion, which responds better to nasal sprays. Some sprays are steroid-based, which may concern you. Using these sprays long-term can thin the nasal tissues, increasing the risk of nosebleeds.


woman with pollen allergy depicting the need for cbdResearch shows that CBD oil addresses imbalances in the endocannabinoid system, the regulatory system in the body that controls inflammation. Full-spectrum CBD oil also stimulates the body’s production of cannabinoids.

Together, these functions can reduce levels of inflammation all over, including in your nasal passages, throat, eyes and skin.

This should reduce seasonal allergy symptoms, but there haven’t been any research studies yet on CBD oil and allergies. But allergy sufferers who have tried CBD oil report:

  • less nasal congestion
  • reduced sinus congestion and pain
  • improved breathing
  • increase comfort in the throat and eyes
  • no drowsiness or fatigue from CBD
  • the ability to enjoy outdoor activities again


As with any new supplements or medication, you should talk to your doctor about addressing your symptoms with CBD. It’s possible that just a dose or two a day could make a big difference in how you feel — and what you can do — this allergy season.

I love the outdoors. It would really frustrate me if I couldn’t enjoy hiking, camping, mountain biking and more. If I were you, I’d give CBD a try for a better allergy season where you can do what you love.

If you’re looking for symptom relief, the Classic Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Easy Day Hemp is great place to start.

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