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Alcohol A Friend or a Crutch ? 

Alcohol, we have all tossed back a few at one point. Some more than others, haha In my past, I was definitely the latter overindulging multiple times per week. Oblivious at the time that i was cutting myself off from achieving my full potential, as well surrounding myself with bad influence. I was living hard, partially using it to cope with my past or drown out unwanted thoughts. For a time it felt like it was helping or at least i thought it was. In the end all i was doing was creating an environment for deep seated issues to fester.

Let me first start by saying there is nothing wrong with having a few cold ones with family & friends on special occasions, relaxing after work or enjoying yourself from time to time. I think we can all recognize when we or someone we love has begun to cross the line in the sand and has started to self medicate with Alcohol.

Alcohol will wreak havoc on your mind, its ability to regulate emotion and attacks your internal organs. There is a reason hangovers suck as much as they do and if you drink more then a few I'm sure you're familiar with the feeling. Is the trade off really worth feeling like shit the next day? Having to explain whatever fucked up thing you did the night before to family for friends. I think not, I've been the partier and lost a friend or to because of actions i took while drinking. I decided to change and I am a million times better for it, i encourage you to do the same, Take a deep look at what alcohol has actually given you. Are you the person that enjoys a few or are you the person that gets hammered at every outing? If your number 2 it is time my friend.


For many quitting the drink is not an option, it has become an ingrained part of who they are, something that now defines them and they're entire social circle They do not know where, or how to live without the party. CBD can help those wanting to quit or reduce they're drinking. It may also help protect you when you do.

CBD assisting those will alcohol addictions

CBD has been shown to "facilitate Drinking Reduction" and also “may provide protection to the liver and brain, which could reduce the development and impact of alcohol-related liver disease and alcohol-related brain injury.”

The above is an excerpt from a great study addressing the benefits of CBD use with those that drink. READ HERE

Whether you are a Social Drinker or a recovering alcoholic CBD may help reduce the damage done to your body and mind by alcohol. This same study States "evidence showing CBD could affect alcohol-related liver inflammation." They also stated that “CBD has been found to reduce alcohol-related brain damage, preventing neuronal loss by its antioxidant and immuno-modulatory properties.”

Amazing Progress is being made daily within the Industry and more and more studies are underway so we may fully grasp the benefits of this amazing plant called Hemp.

The Potential Benefits Of CBD and other cannabinoids are many and we at Easy Day urge you to educate as much as possible and when ready try for yourself. . Live your best life. Choose Natural.

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Jason Higgins is a retired Navy SEAL and served 10 years in the US Navy deploying to multiple combat zones. He left service and continued working as a CIA Security Contractor before leaving and pursuing a life outside of direct combat roles. Jason has spent the last five years scouring the globe and educating himself on anxiety assisting methods and treatments. He has been lucky enough to have met the top in their respective fields and emerging medicine.

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