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Taking CBD Every Day - More Often, More Benefits?

Chances are, if you’re not using CBD products you know someone who is. As CBD becomes more accepted, new questions come up about using it. People wonder whether it’s safe to take CBD oil every day. The short answer? Yes. Here are the details.

CBD Supports Important Functions in The Body

CBD products work in alignment with your own endocannabinoid system, which controls sleep, mood, appetite, pain and more. It helps keep the body in a natural state of homeostasis — everything is in balance.

When this system isn’t working optimally it throws the body off balance. We become more likely to experience physical and mental symptoms as a result. CBD oil helps bring the body back into balance and address these symptoms.

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The Benefits of Using CBD Every Day

It stands to reason that we benefit from keeping the body in balance, and CBD helps do that. Taking a regular, daily dose could continually reduce symptoms and deliver a range of benefits including:

Less chronic pain

CBD works by attaching to cannabinoid receptors in your body and reducing inflammation. A natural alternative to prescription drugs.

Reduced anxiety

CBD has been recognized to help turn off or tone down our “fight or flight” response, allowing the mind to calm and the body to relax. It minimizes the behaviors that come with anxiety disorder, panic disorder, PTSD and OCD, among others. This is huge, since about 40 million adults in the U.S. are dealing with anxiety.

  • If you are a Veteran you may be deeply familiar with this condition and at Easy Day we offer you special pricing – 30% off for life.

Less depression

The World Health Organization calls depression "the single largest contributor to global disability." CBD works to address the symptoms, elevating mood and social behavior.

Better sleep

By some estimates, one in four Americans develop insomnia each year. Getting enough good-quality sleep can protect your immune system, helping you recover more easily from illness. CBD can make a difference.

Reduced risk of diabetes

More than 100 million Americans already either have diabetes or prediabetes. Daily use of CBD could rein in inflammation and help stop this number from growing.

And benefits that need no explanation:

  • help with nausea and other digestive issues
  • anti-inflammatory effects that may clear up acne
  • lower blood pressure
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A Healthier Choice - No High and No Munchies

Now I’ll answer a couple questions you might have in the back of your head. No, CBD products will not make you high because there’s not nearly enough THC in them — 0.00% to 0.3%, maximum. You won’t start eating like crazy, either. In fact, the stress-reducing benefits of CBD might just leave you eating less than before.

When it Comes CBD Quality Counts

No matter what symptoms you’re looking to address, you’ll gain the most benefits from a high-quality product. Insist on:

  • products made from CBD and hemp oil, not hemp seeds
  • a carrier oil that’s good for your health, like coconut oil
  • a company that tells you the source of its plants
  • packaging that keeps light and air away from the product
  • lab testing by an independent third party
  • easy access to lab results for the products you want

You can learn more about CBD quality in our article discussing the importance of finding a product you can trust.

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How Much CBD to Take Every Day?

The honest answer is, “It depends.” Your individual metabolism, weight, age, physical condition and symptoms will determine the best dose of CBD for you. But evidence points toward daily use being helpful, no matter what the dose is. Talk to your doctor about daily use especially since CBD, like grapefruit, can change the impact of other medications you take.

There’s a great opportunity to feel, move, sleep and live better than you do right now. I’m telling you this because I’m living proof. As a veteran of the special operations community I had a range of symptoms. I thought I just had to live with them and tough it out on my own. I am so glad I was proven wrong. You will be, too.

When you’re ready to start adding CBD into your daily routine our Classic Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil, formulated for maximum absorption in the body is a great option.

And when you subscribe to Easy Day we’ll text you a 20% discount off our CBD products; so you can start having your own Easy Day...every day.

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